Athens Guitar Duo - Vol.1
Magellan's Playlist

Magellan's Playlist, evokes the exotic and adventurous nature of its repertoire. It is a repertoire that could well have accompanied the explorer on his journeys had he lived in our digital age, his "playlist" as it were, a cornucopia of musical delights full of intercultural variety and musical pleasure. Beginning with the music of Fazil Say, the selections on this recording cover a wide span of cultural differences and eras ranging from Say's easily accessible but revolutionary ideas through the British dryness of John Duarte and the sarcastic wit of Jean Francaix to the guitar virtuosity of Andrew York. Included as well is a bit of Chinese traditional music, a tribute to the country that hosts the Athens Guitar Duo on its tour of the People's Republic. More Info

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*** Grammy Award Nominated ***

CR6019-2 CD
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Fazil Say
Princess of Lykia

John W. Duarte
Greek Suite Op.39Lowell

Nocturne Fantasy

Jean Francaix

Ren Guang
Silver Clouds Chasing the Moon

Roland Dyens
Comme des grands

Andrew York
Evening Dance