Another World
Charlie Huskinson
Mario Montagna

Hi my name is Charlie… I hope you will enjoy this album 'Another World Volume One' (if so, there will be more to come!) Here is just a small collection of my many compositions for piano and is considered by many as ''Wonderful music for Meditation and Relaxation''.
Educated at Summer Fields in Oxford followed by a period at Eton College. I have been playing the piano since I was around 5 years of age and have always loved writing my own pieces.

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Charlie Huskinson

1] The Waterfall, A little zest from China (7:17)
2] A Reason (6:02)
3] Believe (6:41)
4] Flight (10:55)
5] Forest Calm (9:33)
6] Blue Lagoon (9:33)
7] I'll be there (6:01)
8] The eye of the Storm (5:41)

Total Time 61:45