Brahms Vol. 1

"His interplay is absolutely wonderful. He transforms the piano into an orchestra of voices in turn exultant and mournful. Sonatas that are veiled symphonies; profoundly melodic songs that manage to project in music alone the beauty of their poetry; simple pieces for piano that are both at times demonic and sublimely graceful", wrote Robert Schumann in the Neue Zeitschrift fur Musik on October 28, 1853. Johannes Brahms was twenty years old. A month later he submitted to his mentor the third and most developed of his sonatas for piano, Op. 5 in F Minor. In its greatly expressive vigour, this sonata bears the seeds of the architectural line of construction that would later become one of Brahms's characteristic hallmarks of his mature works. MORE INFO


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Johannes BRAHMS
Sonata No.3 in F minor, Op.5

1] Allegro maestoso
2] Andante espressivo - Andante molto
3] Scherzo: Allegro energico
4] Intermezzo (Ruckblick): Andante molto
5] Finale: Allegro moderato ma rubato

Sechs Klavierstucke, Op.118

6] Intermezzo in A minor
7] Intermezzo in A major
8] Ballade in G minor
9] Intermezzo in F minor
10] Romanze in F major
11] Intermezzo in E flat minor