Adolfo Barabino
Volume 3

If we draw a parallel between Chopin's sound world and an old master's colour pallet, we could say that he modulated sound much the same way as the artist treated light and created atmosphere.
The sounds produced by some of the world's legendary musicians of the past when the bow of a violin touches the string or the living breath of the musician passes through a wind instrument are equalled under the subtle touch of Chopin's masterful hands, purveying misty fluidity, his hidden, secret use of the pedal, adding further to the magic.
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Track List

Frédéric Chopin

Sonata No.2 in Bb minor, Op.35

1] Grave (8:28)
2] Scherzo (7:42)
3] Marche funebre: Lento (9:40)
4] Finale Presto (1:52)

5] Impromptu No.1 Op.29* (4:15)
6] Impromptu No.2 Op.36 (6:13)
7] Impromptu No.3 Op.51* (6:01)
8] Impromptu No.4

Fantasie-Impromtu Op.66 (6:04)

9] Barcarolle in F sharp major,
Op. 60* (8:52)

Total Time: 59:13