Chopin Nocturnes Vol. 2
When a melody springs directly from the heart, the result is a multitude of shades and tones, delicate details and subtle differentiations in expression. Often, in his music, a dialogue is born, and one must listen intimately and follow it to the end, noting the changes in mood ...from one feeling, conflicting emotions evolve and here resides the secret of Chopin's expressive power.
If the "original" pedal markings are meticulously observed, together with an exceptionally light touch then Chopin's original sonorita is realised.
Often it is a play between "piano" and "pianissimo" ...a little louder and the spell is lost! By creating a favourable connection between accompaniment and melody it then becomes possible to play lightly, even in a very large venue.

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Track List

Deux Nocturnes Op. 37
1] No. 1 Andante sostenuto
2] No. 2 Andantino

Deux Nocturnes Op. 48
3] No. 1 Lento
4] No. 2 Andantino

Deux Nocturnes Op. 55
5] No. 1 Andante
6] No. 2 Lento Sostenuto

Deux Nocturnes Op. 62
7] No. 1 Andante
8] No.2 Lento

Nocturne e-Moll Op.72 (post)
9] No. 19 Andante

Nocturne cis-Moll (Opus post)
10] No. 20 lento con gran espressione