Chopin Nocturnes Vol. 1
Listening to these Nocturnes, Chopin's unique ability of expressing, through short compositions, a rich fabric of feelings and passions, is clearly perceivable.

A poetically romantic and unpredictable soul, Chopin by his genius could capture and entrance his audience with his sudden emotional impulses.

He was driven by a compulsion to compose music primarily for himself and not to gratify the audiences of the aristocracy, who often gathered in the music rooms of Paris. For Chopin this compulsion together with his refined style resulted in a profound understanding of his inner most feelings which is expressed in his music.

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CR5569-2 CD
Trois Nocturnes Op. 9
1] No. 1 Larghetto
2] No. 2 Andante
3] No. 3 Allegretto

Trois Nocturnes Op. 15
4] No. 1 Andante
5] No. 2 Larghetto
6] No. 3 Lento

Deux Nocturnes Op. 27
7] No. 1 Larghetto
8] No. 2 Lento Sostenuto

Deux Nocturnes Op.32
9] No. 1 Andante sostenuto
10] No. 2 Lento