Haydn String Quartets
The Maggini Quartet
Four musicians whose delight in their work is irresistible.The Maggini Quartet has quickly established itself since its inception in 1988 as a highly acclaimed international quartet appearing at festivals and major halls throughout the UK, Europe, the USA, Japan and Korea.

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CR4627-2 CD

Op.77 No.1 in G

1: Allegro moderato
2: Adagio
3: Menuet (Presto)
4: Finale(Presto)

Op.77 No.2 in F

5: Allegro moderato
6: Menuet (Presto)
7: Andante
8: Finale (Vivace assai)

Op.103 in B flat/D minor

9: Andante grazioso
10: Menuet ma non troppo presto