Peter Katin

Peter Katin is acknowledged as one of the finest pianists of our time.Scarlatti's demand for complete keyboard technique is fully met and these are performances of great character and understanding.

"The sound of the analogue masters on this CD is excellent...Lovers of Scarlatti need have no fear that this piano rendition of these sonatas vulgarises the music, in fact, quite the reverse."
Jonathan Kettle, Hi-Fi Sound.

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CR3502-2 CD
CR3502-6 DVDA
CR3502-8 DL

14 Sonatas

 1: D major K96
 2: D major K490
 3: D minor K517
 4: A major K208
 5: A minor K3
 6: F minor K238
 7: F minor K239
 8: Eb major K193
 9: C minor K84
10 : G major K471
11 : G major K539
12 : C major K356
13 : C major K159
14 : C major K420