Borut Krzisnik - composer
Virtual Orchestra
Klemen Bracko - violin

Freedom can be understood as one pleases one can improvise to break free from a predetermined score or one can programme music to break free from physical limitations of an instrument. Yet the freedom to choose what one does not want is far less important than the freedom to choose what one really wants it is not about being free from something, but to be free for something. More Info

Track List - CD
Cat No. CC6014-2

1] Persistence of Flesh (6:36)

2] Invisible Borders (5:35)

3] Breakthrough (7:39)

4] Memory Prism (7:21)

5] Unrest (8:22)

6] Holy Ignorance (4:16)

7] Rules of Disorder (6:33)

8] Crack in the Sky (2:27)