Clare's Journey
Maida Vale Singers
Ieuan Jones

'Clare's Journey' traces John Clare's story from the point where, for a short while, he became a fashionable poet favoured by London Society. Indeed, the peasant poet. But London society was fickle and soon his poetry was forgotten. This probably played a part in the bout of depression which led to his being admitted to High Beach Asylum at Epping Forest, under the care of Dr. Allen. More Info

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CC6013-2 CD
CC6013-6 DVDA
CC6013-8 DL

Terence Deadman composer
Tracks 1 -34
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Ieuan Jones - harp
Glen Capra - piano
Phillip Bell - John Clare
John Addison - young Clare
Sharon Eckman - Patty
Lawrence Wallington - Drury
Simon Preece - Traveller
Martin Nelson - Warder
Christopher Dee - Conductor