La Dolce Vita

Borut krzisnik with the band Data Direct

Borut Krzisnik (b.1961) is a Slovenian composer, based in Ljubljana. Claudio are releasing seven of his albums and he has written music for numerous feature films, dance performances and theatre productions.  In his music, Krzisnik  creates meeting point for avant-garde and popular music, or else, 'academic' and 'underground' music. His compositions are characterised by their boldness, intensity, contrasts and unique sound.

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Borut Krzisnik
1] One Way(6:40)
2] Strange Attractor God (7:41)
3] The Play of the Puppets (8:56)
4] la Dolce Vita (5:26)

5] Hey (6:28)
6] Transformator (3:56)
7] Blind by Blood (6:56)