Borut's deeply intuitive musicality is based on his knowledge of conventional orchestral scoring when combined with pure digital sampling technology and has given us the opportunity to share in his wonderfully imaginative and creative world, which magically amalgamates the DNA of the Slavic idiom into a wonderfully pictorial and futurist composition

Borut Krzisnik (b.1961) is a Slovenian composer, based in Ljubljana. Claudio are releasing seven of his albums and he has written music for numerous feature films, dance performances and theatre productions. In his music, Krzisnik creates meeting point for avant-garde and popular music, or else, 'academic' and 'underground' music. His compositions are characterised by their boldness, intensity, contrasts and unique sound. The symphony orchestra is transformed by computer technology into a "super-real" orchestra, challenging and discovering new territories in symphonic music. Using a polyglot musical language, he draws a common thread through all the contrasts and introduces them to us with inspiring optimism. He has collaborated with Peter Greenaway, Gerald Thomas, Edward Clug, Julie-Anne Robinson and band Laibach, to name but a few. "The most thrilling thing is discovering and rediscovering the shapes and structures of chaos."

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