Music for dance performance
Borut Krzisnik - composer
Mario Marolt - clarinet
Vuk Krakovic - violin

The International success of Borut Krzisnik's series of seven recordings, produced in his studio in Slovenia, was achieved using state for the art sampled sounds by real musicians playing their instruments under ideal conditions together with those of live performing musicians, the result of which gives rise to great freedom of expression, especially in the hands of this masterful composer. More Info

Track List - CD
Cat No. CC6008-2

Bourut Krzisnik

1] Intelligent Body (4:34)
2] Love Song No.2 (4:59)
3] Paths of Coincidence (4:29)
4] Love Song No.1 (5:02)
5] March to Eternity (8:44)
6] Codes and signs (5:44)
7] Procedures (4:59)
8] Fire (6:19)
9] Love Song No.3 (4:32)