A Life in Suitcases
music for the film directed by
Peter Greenaway

Peter Greenaway -
introduction to Tulse Luper in Turin

One description of The Tulse Luper Suitcases is to describe it as the autobiography of a professional prisoner. It may be that we are prisoners of something - love, money, sex, fame, religious belief, power, ambition, greed, debt, a job, a garden, a dog, train-time-tables, a mortgage, perhaps just the grocery bill. Consequently most prisons are not rooms with a barred window and a locked door. And a second truism - every prisoner needs a jailer just as every jailer needs a prisoner to legitimise his job description.
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CC6007-2 CD

Borut Krzisnik

1] Trembling Web (9:56)
2] Love Song No. 1 (5:05)
3] Passion Festivo (5:39)
4] Sudden Spell (3:52)
5] March to Eternity (10:16)
6] Creeping (3:41)
7] Festa (6:38)
8] War March (1:24)
9] Funeral March (6:05)
10] Miracle on Magatrea (11:15)
11] Slaves (4:27)