Music of Roger North
Vol. 1
Roger North (born 1926) has composed: a one act opera, The Jubilee, a musical, Loude Sing Cuckoo, 3 Orchestral Pieces, Music for Wind Orchestra, a clarinet sonata, an octet and other chamber works, music for dance, songs, film music and many electronically realised pieces such as are on this record. He has also written and lectured on music.

In the 60's he gave a number of broadcast talks for the BBC. He has taught extensively, in particular at Morley College in London. Among his writings are: The ABC of Music, Book I of the Gollancz Musical Companion and Wagner's Most Subtle Art, a musical analysis of Tristan and Isolde.
CC5583-2 CD

1] Music for Our Country's Good

2] Out and About

3] Dyad

4] March: Captain Snot

5] Jig

6] 4 Fragments from Music for the Tempest

7] Beyond
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