Summer Waves
Barry Mills
This is not the first recording of the expressively refined music of Barry Mills, but it is an important one, containing eight works, mainly of short duration, and sufficient to acquaint the listener with the work of a genuine artist who possesses a very solid compositional technique. There is fine music here, with a surprisingly wide range of articulation and texture. My favourites are the two Trios and the extended Guitar Quartet, but each piece is worth close attention from the serious music lover. Much of Mills' work is suggested by natural phenomena. The title track, so beautifully played by the late Tony Sions, largely sets the tone of the album. The performances and recordings are admirable. The composer's booklet notes could have included compositional dates, but this is a fascinating and rewarding album to which I have returned with increasing pleasure.
Robert Matthew-Walker (Musical Opinion).

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CC5153-2 CD
Saxophone Sketches
1 Summer Waves
2 Autumn
3 Winter
4 Spring Morning

Saxophone Quartet - Saxploitation
5 Morning Song
6 Night Winds
7 The Wind and the Trees

Duo for Flute and Clarinet
8 Landscape
9 River

Guitar Quartet - The English Guitar Quartet
10 The Play of Light on the Sea
11 Moving with the Wind
12 In Deep Night
13 Trio for Flute, Viola and Guitar
14 Harp Sketches - (Hugh Webb - harp.) 15 Trio for Flute, Viola and Harp
CD Duration: 71:31
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