Paul Carr
Crowded Streets
Sussex Symphony Orchestra
The Sussex Symphony Orchestra was founded in January 1993 by its present principal conductor, Mark Andrew - James. Such was the interest in this new venture, at the first concert 150 people had to be turned away from the concert hall.
Spurred on by obvious need for such an organisation, the SSO has gone on to perform up to 14 concerts per year.

On Paul Carr : "Paul has immense vitality, enthusiasm, and creativity. His music reflects his warmth, and love of life, and speaks to both performer and listener. I am deeply honoured to know him and to play his music"
(Andrew Franks)
CC4833-2 CD
Concerto for Clarinet & Small Orchestra
1: agile 6:44
2: sad 4:22
3: lively 3:16
Occasional Postcards for wind quintet & strings
4: through crowded streets 3:08
5: bicycles in summer rain 1:47
6: boys on the beach 1:44
7: summer evening 3:54
8: tuscan diary 3:26
Concerto for Two Saxophones & Orchestra
9: allegro vivo 5:03
10: andante cantabile 6:56
11: vivace 5:10
12: Girl On A Beach / For Bassoon & Small Orchestra 5:01
13: Collage Concerto in One Movement for alto saxophone, piano & chamber orchestra
14: Nocturne On An American Hymn Tune (for Cy)