Under The Stars
Barry Mills

The second collection of Music by the rising star of the South of England shows his broad and alert sympathies with different musical inspirations which have made such an impression on those who have heard his music.

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CC4324-2 CD

1: 8 Haiku (Mezzo Soprano and Piano)
2: Transitions (Piano)
3: Landscapes (Piano)
4: The Pavilion Gardens (Piano)
5: In the Mist (Piano)
6: Chief Seattle Fragments (Mezzo Soprano and Guitar)

Guitar Sketches
7: Across Water
8: Summer Wind
9: Rain
10: Fireworks
11: Under the Stars
12: Duo for Violin and Guitar.

Julian Elloway
Corinne Shirman-Sarti
Mezzo Soprano
Paul Gregory
Andrew Sherwood