Piano Musique Espagnole
Vol. 1
This enterprising recital by Spanish pianist Rosa Maria Kucharski is of especial interest in that it contains music which will not be known to many listeners. Rosa Maria is the ideal interpreter of the works on this record for she knows/knew their composers well. Rosa Maria Kucharski is a native of Barcelona and her career has been one of the utmost distinction. She made her first public appearance at seven and by twelve had completed the demanding course set by the Marshall Academy. She was also a conspicuously successful pupil of Madrid-based Tomds Andrade de Silva. By 1942 she was giving concerts throughout Spain and soon after the war moved to Paris, where she attended lectures given by Casals and Enescu. She has made many successful tours (including several of the USA) and teaches/organises important teaching.
CC4320-2 CD
Federico Mompou - Four Preludes
1: Romance - En el estilo romance n:1
2: Moderate - Dolce cantabile n:5
3: Fireworks - Fuegos artificiales n:7
4: Cantabile - Con lirica espressione n:8
Xavier Montsalvatge - Sonatina for lvette
5: I. Vivo e spiritoso
6: II. Moderato molto
7: III. Allegretto
Antón García Abril - Sonatina
8: I. Allergretto
9: II. Arietta
10: III. Finale
Sonatina for Guadalquivir
11: I. Allegro
12: II. Lentamente
13: III. Allegro vivace
Preludes of Mirambel
14: Lentamente e libero n:1
15: Preludio n:6