Morning Sea
Barry Mills

Barry Mills studied with Colin Matthews and Anne Boyd. His compositions on this CD are best summed up in his own words: "I have spent a number of years working outdoors, which means that I witness this daily emergence, activity and return to stillness, shape... Consequently, there are also sounds suggesting breezes, textures which are built from super-imposed bird song-like groups and harmonies and rhythms evoking the sea to be found in these pieces."

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CC4318-2 CD
Piano Trio
1: Morning Sea
2: Watching the Rain
3: Night Music
4: Rondo for Solo Violin
5: Piano Quintet
6: Duo for Violin an Cello
7: Movements for violin and Piano
8: Music for Solo Cello

9: Cello and Piano

Piano Sketches for Children
10: Lullaby
11: Waves
12: Fireworks
13: Winds
14: Nocturne