de Saram in Concert
Volume 2
Rohan & Druvi de Saram

Boccherini: Sonata in A. There is a tradition, possibly from the 19th century, of playing the first two movements of this Sonata by Boccherini, without the final Minuetto. The two movements, Adagio and Allegro, make an excellent concert piece and show the sophisticated technique which Boccherini undoubtedly must have had as a cellist. The highly ornamental melodic line of the Adagio would be related to the Italian coloratura operatic style of the time, whereas the brilliant Allegro might give us a glimpse of Boccherini the virtuoso player. More Info

CB6005-2 CD

Luigi Boccherini
Sonata in A Major No. 6
1] Adagio (3:20)
2] Allegro (4:44)

Johannes Brahms
Sonata in F Major Op.99

3] Allegro vivace (8:09)
4] Adagio affettuoso (7:47)
5] Allegro passionato (7:07)
6] Allegro molto (5:10)

James Dillon
7] Eos (11:41)

Richard Strauss
Sonata in F Major- Cello & Piano Op.6
8] Adagio con brio (9:37)
9] Adanante ma non troppo (6:56)
10] Allego vivo (9:19)

Maurice Ravel
11] piece en form de Habanera (3:08)