Alan Bush
Manoug Parikian
Medici String Quartet

There can be no doubt that the Violin Concerto is a major achievement in a notoriously difficult genre. Though the music is continuous, the work is cast in three sections and is quite devoid of 'padding' or orchestral 'wizardry'. The solo part is indeed taxing, but the complexities arise out of the musical discourse and are not imposed on it for virtuoso effect, whilst the orchestral body is used sparingly, with telling and sensitive restraint.

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CB5151-2 CD
Violin Concerto Op.32 (1948)
1: Allegro deciso
2 : Andante espressivo
3: Allegro
Manoug Parikian - violin
BBC Symphony Orchestra
Bela Dekany, leader
Norman Del Mar - conductor

Six Short Pieces Op.99 (1983)
4: Invention in two voices (Andantino)
5: Evening Lyric (Larghetto)
6: Tyne-side Reel (Allegro vivace, non presto
7: Ceremonial (Largo, non lento)
8: Song (Moderato con moto)
9: Rondino (Allegro vivace)
Alan Bush - Piano
10: Dialectic, For String Quartet Op.15 (1929)
Medici String Quartet