Vidrodzhennya Chamber Choir
Mstyslav Yurchenko
MAKSYM BEREZOVSKY was one of the most outstanding Ukrainian composers of the 18th century and the creator of the national classical choral concerto. It was the first time a Ukrainian composer had incorporated in his compositions all the leading genres of Western European music: operas, chamber instrumental works and new church choral forms. Berezovsky's life was a vivid performance with brilliant flights and headlong descents, reminiscent of the colourful adventure stories of that period. Combined with the lack of major biographical details, the extreme successes and disappointments of his life gave rise to Berezovsky being romanticised in popular and adventure fiction.
1: Glory be...O Thou the Only-begotten son
2: Come, Let Us Worship and Trisagion
3: Cherubical hymn
4: Credo
5: A Mercy of Peace
6: Meet it is
7: The Lord's Prayer

9: In memory eternal will be the Blessed
10: The Salvation Cup I will receive
11: All over the world
12: Come upon us
13: Joy for the Blessed
14: Praise the Lord in Heaven No.1
15: Praise the Lord in Heaven No.2
16: Praise the Lord in Heaven No.3
17: The Blessed I've already chosen
18: Let the Lord enthrone (the concert)