Atalanta Fugiens
Michael Maier
50 Fuges of Atalanta Fugiens

Rachel Platt, Emily Van Evera, sop's, Rufus Müller ten, Richard Wistreich, bass & director.

Michael Maier's emblem book Atalanta Fugiens (The Fugitive Atalanta) is best known for its engravings, reproduced time and again to delight amateurs of alchemy and the occult arts, and connoisseurs of proto-surrealism. Less well known are the fifty fugues that accompany the emblems, their cryptic titles and Latin poems, and the fifty essays or 'discourses' on alchemical themes. This multi-media work appeared in 1617 from the Oppenheim publisher, Johann Theodor de Bry, with the fifty emblems, title-page, and portrait of Maier engraved by de Bry's son-in-law Matthaeus Merian (1593-1650).More Info

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Michael Maier (1569 - 1622)

Tracks 1 - 50

(50 Fuges)

Total Time 71:56

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