The Author

There are many such non-profit entities in every country, most of which are dedicated to their communities and which hold true to the principles of improvement of quality of life in their regions. On these boards are often to be found individuals who, with creativity, energy and generosity, give of themselves for the good of the arts, culture and society. However, there are also other organizations such as have been described in THE BOARD, where these concerns are nothing but a footnote, where the inability to understand the real meaning of governance and a despotic and controlling board of directors evidence disregard for the consequences of their refusal to properly steward their institution. These consequences can be, and often are, dramatic for the organization through a slow but irreversible process of decay.

THE BOARD hopes to expose many of the symptoms of such decay and pleads for an ethical balance and better control of such organizations for the good of the people, of the employees, of the community and of our society, itself.
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