(continued from previous panel) …jazz clubs such as: the Club Saint-Germain, the Vieux Colombier, the Caveau de la Huchette and such emblematic places where jazz was performed. He is on demand by great American jazzmen on tour in France. He participated in recording sessions and concerts of Rex Stewart, Buck Clayton, Lionel Hampton, Albert Nicholas, Roy Eldridge…, becoming one of the top musicians in the Paris jazz world. Through jazz Claude Bolling met Boris Vian for whom he wrote the arrangements of "Chansons Possibles et Impossibles ". The success of this record got him into the world of pop music. Many famous artists from the 50's and 60's gave him musical direction of their recordings: Sacha Distel, Jacqueline François, Juliette Greco, Henri Salvador, Brigitte Bardot and Dario Moreno. He also created the vocal group "Les Parisiennes". René Clément commissioned Claude Bolling to score the music for "Le Jour et l'Heure". To date he has written over a hundred scores including Borsalino, Louisiane, Flic Story, Le Magnifique, The Awakening, and California Suite. In the sixties, as a musical director for popular television shows such as Albert Raisner, Maritie and Gilbert Carpentier, he wrote memorable music including Les Brigades du Tigre, La Garçonne and Le Clan. His professional experience and numerous successes gained Claude Bolling an authority that enabled him to work with the greatest names of the profession.
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